3 Best Tools For Advertisement Design

In recent years, there has been an explosion of digital tools designers can use to create and execute advertisements. That being said, quantity does not equal quality. In this post I want to highlight the top 3 industry standard tools that all the pros use when designing and executing and ad.

1. Photoshop

Photoshop is a pixel-based application designed specifically for photo manipulation. It is a great resource when looking to combine several images, build new digital art, edit videos and create typography. The large number of tools to choose from makes it easy to take control of the creative process with your singular image. Additionally, the software is Mac and PC compatible making it accessible to all.

2. Illustrator

Illustrator is vector-based software used for creating vector images. In simple terms, vector images are small files that are more flexible than pixel-based images because they can be blown up to be really big or scaled down to be really small without any loss of image quality. That being said, illustrator is a great place to create logos and illustrative art since the quality is high and generally those images will be used in several different formats.

3. InDesign

InDesign is an application used to design and layout creative works such as magazines, newspapers, books, planners, brochures etc. It is great for doing many different types of printed works and is extremely useful in advertising for creating those documents. The application allows you to import and “place” any image into the document and create different shapes and text as well.

To gain even more insight on when to use these tools and what to use them for, watch the YouTube video I have linked below which goes farther in depth about each application.

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