How To Get Conversions with your Designs

Did you know that design is a big influencer in how people act and react with your ad? Well if you didn’t, I am about to tell you how you can leverage design to get the best reactions from the people you are talking to.

An article  by broke down a set of design principles called the “Gestalt Principles of Design”. These principles are major important contributors to how people react to your ads. The principles are as follows:

  • Proximity: the idea that related elements are placed closer together than items that are unrelated
  • Similarity: the assumption of relation between two objects based on similar and shared visual characteristics
  • Continuity: the idea that the eye follows the direction of an object until it hits another object which then sends it in another direction
  • Closure: as long as there are enough relevant and contextual clues in the image provided, people can fill in the gaps on their own based on what they are seeing
  • Figure & Ground: the focus of an object and its surrounding space to make the image look like it has more depth

By incorporating all of these elements into the design of your ad, people will likely have ease with what you are trying to say, and ultimate will be more open to interact with it if it is easily digestible.

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