Why Design Is Important In Your Marketing

Design in advertising is more than the objective and obvious items such as logos, page layouts, colours and fonts. Design is the overall ability to connect the products and services you are selling to the brand that you want to build. By using design as unit in your advertising will be able to help your brand in becoming identifiable, intriguing and different from the others in the consumer’s eyes.

Makes a Brand Identifiable

By using consistent colours, fonts and logos, people will be able to spot which ads likely belong to which brand. This can be a good thing when aiming to increase brand recall within your target audience.  Additionally, having an identifiable look will make it easier for the customer to trust the message/product/service if they know that the brand has delivered on promotional promises before. Take A&W for example, by making the orange and brown a focal point as the staple brand colours, people who know A&W will know that this ad belongs to them. As well, consistent messaging and positioning throughout the ad using all similar sans serif fonts adds unity to the brand.


Drives Conversation

One of the big questions that brands ask themselves when creating a campaign is “how will this campaign drive engagement?” or “how will this campaign create a compelling conversation around the idea of what we are selling?” Fortunately, design has the ability to create those conversations for you. How you showcase your product or service is just as important as the colours used, the fonts used, and the layouts chosen, as each of these elements subconsciously communicate different emotions. Ultimately design has the ability to trigger emotions in people and successful companies have used this technique to draw people in to what they’re selling.

Establishes the Look and Feel of the Product Being Sold

Finally, design can be used to effectively tell the consumer how they should feel about the product/service being sold. For example, different design elements will be chosen and leveraged for a company selling soap versus a company selling trucks or tools. By choosing the colours, fonts, background images and messages that essentially “tell” people how they should feel about an offering, you create an impact and an emotional response and opinion from that consumer.

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